Market Intelligence September 2017

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates tend to follow the path of the 10-Year Treasury bond.  And, over the course of 2017, the 10-Year US Treasury rate has fallen to fresh lows.  Shortly after the 2016 presidential election, interest rates surged on the hopes of a pro-growth agenda in a low-growth world.  But, as that agenda stalled and investor uncertainty began to increase, the rate of the 10-Year Treasury bond began to decline.

As indicated in the chart below, mortgage rates have declined almost half a percent year-to-date, down to approximately 3.9% for a conventional 30 year mortgage.

US 30 Year Mortgage Rate Chart

Source: Y Charts

Since 2009, economic data has improved and growth in the economy has expanded at a modest pace.  Assuming this trend continues, interest rates are expected to rise over the long-term.  The current decline in mortgage rates provides a good opportunity to take out a mortgage or refinance an existing loan.

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