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  • Sub Advisor Comments Sept 2015

    Tweedy, Browne Company Team “Uncertainty, in our opinion, is one of the most difficult factors for professional as well as individual, investors to deal with, and it is dominating the markets currently …In our view, it is ultimately the economics that win out, and in …

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  • Sub Advisor Comments June 2015

    Rob Arnott – Manager, PIMCO All Asset Fund “When will diversification pay off?  My usual response is a non-answer.  The quest for a catalyst that can turn markets around is a waste of time: catalysts are, by their very nature, unexpected.  They are surprises.  Let …

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  • Sub Advisor Comments April 2015

    Matt Logan, Portfolio Manager at Harris Associates “There is a battle underway.  There are no tanks, ground troops or air support, but make no mistake: a battle is underway.  Boardrooms across America, and increasingly across the globe, have turned into a theater of war for …

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  • Sub Advisor Comments March 2015

    “At Dodge & Cox, we encourage long-term investors to focus on long-term returns.  In our conversations with investors, however, we find that even those focused on the long term often use short-term returns to assess risk.  This can create a disconnect: if short-term returns are …

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  • Sub Advisor Comments Feb 2015

    Warren Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway “For the great majority of investors, however, who can – and should – invest with a multi-decade horizon, quotational declines are unimportant.  Their focus should remain fixed on attaining significant gains in purchasing power over their investing lifetime.  For them, …

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