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  • Market Intelligence November 2016

    Artisan International Fund, Mark Yockey, CFA, Charles-Henri Hamker, Andrew Euretig on finding growth oriented investments in a low-growth world: “Despite central bankers’ best efforts, the persistently low-inflation macro backdrop continues to put downward pressure on prices, contributing to a general scarcity of top-line growth. In …

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  • Market Intelligence October 2016

    Bill Nygren 3Q16 Market Commentary on the Benefits of Staying the Course “Those of you who are regular readers of Oakmark reports know that we aren’t here to write about sports, but as sports fans, we often see analogies that provide useful ways to think …

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  • Sub-Advisor Comments – August 2016

    Linda Martinson, President, Baron Capital One of the conclusions from work done by Professor Martijn Cremers (University of Notre Dame) and Professor Ankur Pareek (Rutgers University) was that there are relatively few highly active managers who hold stocks for long periods, as such strategies have …

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  • Sub-Advisor Comments – July 2016

    Rob Lovelace, Capital Group “The key point to remember is, this referendum is the beginning of a process, it’s not the end,” says Capital Group portfolio manager Rob Lovelace. “The market has interpreted this as a bimodal event and it isn’t. Now that the referendum has …

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  • Sub-Advisor Comments – June 2016

    Howard Marks, Co-Chairman, Oaktree Capital Management For me, the bottom line on economic reality is that, in the short run, governments theoretically have the ability to: Accelerate economic activity, bringing forward to today otherwise-future activity, Make life better for one group of citizens at the …

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