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  • Sub Advisor Insights Sept 2014

    Dick Davis, Respected Investor HOW TO DEAL WITH AN ORNERY UNPREDICTABLE STOCK MARKET “I am diverting from the non-investment theme of this blog because I would like to take advantage of yesterday’s (Oct 15, 2014) wildly gyrating performance to make a few points on how to …

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  • Sub Advisor Insights Aug 2014

    Tad Rivelle, Chief Investment Officer Fixed Income, TCW “The powers that be, whether they’re at the Fed, on the Street, or elsewhere, have an intelligent perspective.  The point that is generally put forward is that the business cycle ends because of imbalances.  So where is …

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  • Sub Advisor Insights June 2014

    William Gross, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, PIMCO “The New Neutral is simply the ‘biggest, most critical, most significant, most important’ element in asset pricing today. To PIMCO, this means that asset returns will be low, but less volatile than in prior periods. P/E ratios …

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  • Second Quarter Market Review – 2014

    The year’s second quarter was full of surprises for investors, not all of them bad, as nearly all major asset classes gained over the three months ending June 30 and year-to-date.  In fact, many equity markets around the world reached new highs, thanks to an …

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  • Sub Advisor Insights May 2014

    Managers of the Tweedy, Browne Global Value Fund “We are frequently asked what we believe gives us an edge in investing over other very able market participants, and, invariably, our answer is time, patience, and the willingness to look further out on the investment horizon …

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