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  • Common Investor Mistakes by Rob Arnott

    Rob Arnott, Chairman and CEO of Research Affiliates and creator of the Fundamental Index® methodology, shares his thoughts in a new video on how investors can improve their long-term returns by avoiding the following three common mistakes. Not saving enough. Most people spend too much and set …

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  • Sub Advisor Insights Jan 2014

    Rob Lovelace, Portfolio Counselor at the American Funds “For me, it’s always humbling to think about things once viewed as certainties that never actually came to pass.  A great example is Japan.  In the 1980s, it was assumed Japan was going to dominate the world, …

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  • Sub Advisor Insights Dec 2013

    Jason Hsu, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder of Research Affiliates, LLC “This year was most unkind to diversification.  The free lunch was nothing short of bitter.  Excluding equities, most asset classes had near zero to negative returns for the year.  Does 2013 tell us that …

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  • Sub Advisor Insights Nov 2013: Madison Team Attends Schwab Impact Conference 2013

    Schwab recently held its annual Impact Conference in Washington, DC, where registered investment advisors gather to learn about and collaborate on key industry issues and best practices.  Madison’s Jim McDermott, Cern Basher and Rick England attended the four day conference. Pictured below is the team …

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  • Sub Advisors Insights Oct 2013

    Charles Royce, President, The Royce Funds ~      “When you listen to what Ben Bernanke actually said back in June, I think the news was entirely positive.  Many of us have been waiting for the economy and the markets to return to more historically normal conditions …

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