Madison Friends Lead Another “Hope for Kabingo” Mission to Uganda

Alan Henning and the Madison team is privileged to know and support Buzz and Melissa Auvil, mission leaders of Hope for Kabingo, which exists to serve the villagers of Kabingo, Uganda and its surrounding region.  The organization works to improve social conditions, and provide basic health care and education.

Past mission trips to Kabingo have revealed the villagers’ many daily hardships including extreme poverty and poor health conditions. Despite these conditions, villagers work toward opportunities for education and employment. Like all of us, they simply desire a better life for themselves and their children.

Hope for Kabingo plants “seeds of hope” by tackling projects such as installing new wells, helping with community health projects, providing mosquito nets, and sponsoring students’ educations. The people of Kabingo are grateful for even the smallest of efforts, knowing that they lead to big long term benefits.

The 2017 mission team returned from Kabingo on July 19th. “Our medical team saw over 2,000 people on our trip this year and 900 of them were tested for malaria,” Buzz said. “Over 60% of those tested were positive for the disease and were able to receive life – saving treatment.  We know we definitely saved someone’s life thru the trip.” In this part of rural Uganda over 1 in 8 children under the age of 5 die due to a treatable illness.

The group was supported by numerous volunteers who sorted and repackaged over 700lbs of medications at the Comboni Mission House in Anderson Township (Cincinnati).  In addition, faculty and nursing students at Good Samaritan Hospital put together over 500 Health and Hygiene Bags given to village families after a visit to the health clinic.

If you would like to read about the trip and learn more about Hope for Kabingo, you can visit their blog: HopeforKabingo.Wordpress.Com

Or watch this YouTube clip: