A Message to Our Clients

After a promising start to the year, grave concerns regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus and limiting its spread have commanded the nation’s attention.  Federal, state and local government’s response has intensified, as officials and healthcare professionals urgently seek to understand and address the evolving crisis. While much is yet unknown, it appears the virus is most harmful to the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Younger, healthier people are not immune to the illness but may be less susceptible to its most serious potential outcomes. Healthcare workers, first responders, and economically vulnerable populations may be among those most at risk of contracting it.

As we indicated via email last week, we are doing our best to navigate the market’s choppy waters. This is not the first time we’ve been through such volatile and uncertain periods, and our professional team is bringing its collective experience and expertise to work for you.

While always disconcerting, market periods like this are easier to traverse when one is operating within their comfort zone, confident in their plan, their strategy, and the professionals working on their behalf.  Please let us know if you have any concerns in this regard and we will be happy to discuss and address with you.  We are here for you.

In the meantime, please be on guard for things that can take you off track including the opportunists playing on rational fears and promoting quick-fix health or investment solutions.  They can sound good in the moment but generally aren’t what they are made out to be.

Madison Measures are in Place  

Madison has put into place several measures as a result of the COVID-19 health emergency. These measures fall into the following three categories: 1) the health and safety of our clients and team; 2) business continuity; and 3) the ongoing management of our clients’ financial plans and portfolios.  These measures include:

  • Implementing a flexible work plan where the majority of our employees will be working from home. If the situation warrants, we have plans to move to 100% teleworking in very short order. As a result, and in line with ‘best practices’ guidance provided by the CDC, we will be postponing in-person client meetings until safe to resume. During this period, we remain available and eager to speak with you by phone, and to conduct business via email and exchanging documents via the Madison Client Portal.
  • Committing to making the remote work environment as secure as our office. Every Madison employee has computer network and teleconferencing capabilities which enable us to work effectively as a team.
  • Continuing to serve you, providing guidance, financial planning and investment management services tailored to meet your individual needs.

We sincerely hope you and your family remain safe and healthy during this time, and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.  The best numbers to reach us remain our office lines (513-871-4555 in Cincinnati and 703-669-6234 in the D.C. area).










The Madison Wealth Management Team