Madison Team Supports Arts Community via ArtsWave

ArtsWave, based in Cincinnati, was established over 70 years ago as an annual community-wide campaign — the first of its kind in the nation — to provide regular support to local arts organizations. Workplace giving campaigns for ArtsWave started in the 1970s and have long since surpassed corporate giving.

Today, thanks to gifts from thousands of individuals and companies each year, ArtsWave funds and supports 100+ arts projects and organizations through its grant programs. In addition, employee campaigns represent more than 50% of ArtsWave’s campaign total. Since 2007, Madison has been giving as a team to this company campaign, and has had 100% participation from employees for each year of giving.

As the top united arts fund in the country measured by dollars and donors, ArtsWave raised over $13.5 million in 2020 to fund its grant programs. Grants were awarded to 43 nonprofit organizations, helping ensure operating stability in uncertain times. Some long-time grant recipients include Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Art Museum, Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Ballet, Contemporary Arts Center, and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

ArtsWave believes strong arts programs build a more vibrant economy and connect the community. A healthy, vibrant arts community can help to bridge cultural divides, enliven neighborhoods, and fuel creativity and learning in both adults and children. An arts community also helps to attract employees, new businesses, and tourists.

That is why the Madison team is proud to help support ArtsWave. We understand that donors are vital to a successful arts community. If you are interested in learning more about ArtsWave, please visit