Your Path

As our client, you will benefit from a collaborative approach.

A successful relationship takes understanding, communication, mutual respect and trust. As our client, you will benefit from a collaborative approach that addresses- and seeks to anticipate- your needs. And, you can be confident that ethically, legally and philosophically we will execute our fiduciary duty. The following outlines the path we will travel from our initial meeting to establishing a long-term relationship dedicated to meeting your personal and financial goals.


We begin by listening to fully understand your dreams, financial needs and priorities. Next, we’ll introduce our philosophy and team approach so we can determine if we are a good fit for each other.


To help us understand your financial picture and any risks you may encounter, we will ask you questions about your confidence level regarding your finances and any previous advisor experiences. We will also evaluate your current portfolio and discuss our Risk, Quality and Confidence Review™ with you.


Together we’ll map a path for your future that is based on your needs and goals. We will provide you with a sample Financial Plan, sample Portfolio Plan, sample reports and our Investment Policy Statement.


We then prepare all the documents necessary to establish and fund your investment accounts and will work together to prepare your individualized financial and portfolio plans to achieve your goals.